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Refund Policy

Physical Merchandise
Unfortunately we can not offer returns or exchanges on any merchandise you purchased through our site. If your order is delivered incorrectly or damaged, please use our Contact Us page to send us a message upon delivery for assistance.

Digital Goods
Due to the nature of digital products (e-books, notes, planners, journals etc) absolutely NO refunds will be honored.

If the student is engaged in course content but is not satisfied, AND the student requests a refund via Contact Us within 30 business days of the date when the course was started, a full refund will be honored.

If the coaching sessions occurred on time, no refunds will be issued due to the nature of same.
All coaching is paid in advance each month, and a letter of agreement is sent at the beginning of the coaching agreement spelling out the agreed scope and scheduling of the coaching.

Your time slot scheduled is reserved for you with great priority. Any rescheduling must occur at least 48 hours ahead of time via email as a reply to the email address you received your letter of agreement from.

If we need to reschedule, we will contact you ahead of your scheduled time to work out a substitute time. There will be no refund for coaching sessions we are unable to complete, a rescheduling of the session is the sole remedy.

If you are late for your scheduled time, you will receive the remainder of you scheduled time slot. We reserve the right to be unable to extend a coaching session that you are late in attending.

If you miss your scheduled session, there are no rollovers of missed appointments.

All coaching agreements are to be paid in advance at least one month at a time. If you are late on your payment, you will not receive coaching session until your payment is received. When received, you will then receive the remainder of that months coaching sessions.

Monthly coaching sessions paid more than 7 days late are subject to losing your scheduled coaching time, and rescheduling may be required.

There is no pro-rata or partial refund for missed or uncompleted coaching sessions.