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Robert Frost, Ph.D., A.T.
Laguna Beach, California
July 24th, 2:00 PM

You now have access to the miracle 1-page Banish Your Low Back Pain paper.

This technique works most of the time to temporarily relieve your back pain. And if your pain comes back, you can use it effectively again and again.

However, it doesn't address the root cause of the pain. It's a good antidote and usually works for a while. But if your pain keeps coming back, that's a sign there's more to do.

Now I don't know about you, but I really want to clear the causes, too. Do you want to bulletproof your back?

Is it possible to get rid of your back pain forever? Excluding after-workout temporary discomfort, gross misuse and outright injury, YES! My own experience and that of my patients demonstrate this.

I worked in a Swiss medical center where I helped over 5000 patients to become free from back pain.

I'm "the man who can get rid of anyone's back pain"... or so the doctors and the patients at the world-renowned Swiss medical center say... and it's usually true.

So how can I help YOU without "hands-on" work?

From my years of research and successful clinical practice, I’ve gathered knowledge and techniques you can use successfully on your own. These are the same techniques I use successfully for my own back pain and as “homework” for my thousands of back pain patients. Most of these methods you can apply to yourself without the need for a therapist or helper.

Why did I develop these methods to get rid of back pain?
When I was 8, I disobeyed my parents and played on the neighbor’s trampoline alone after dark. After a front flip, I landed on my chest - and my hips hit me in the back of my head hard. I didn’t want to get into trouble, so I limped home and never told anyone. I had no idea how badly I had hurt my back.

Many times while body surfing, I crashed into the sand on my head with tons of water crashing down on me. A few times while surfing, my heavy long board pearled, shot up in the air, and came down on my head. I have several good scars. My neck got smashed and pretty wreaked. The vertebral discs in my neck are so degenerated and thin that the bones are sitting directly upon one another. The x-ray report of my neck said, "Multilevel degenerative changes worse at the C4-C5 disc space resulting in severe disc space narrowing and degenerative retrolisthesis".

While out running in my 60s, my physiotherapist friend noticed that my hips were wobbling and not moving in harmony with my upper body. She said, “Go get an x-ray!” I did. I discovered that I have a fractured vertebra in my low back. The x-ray report says, "a chronic pars intraarticularis fracture defect in vertebra L4". And perhaps even worse, my lumbar vertebra L4 is 9mm too far forward on L5 - a condition known as spondylolithesis. A chiropractor who looked at the x-rays and examined this area of my back said, "This happened before you were 10 years old". 

I have had back pain off and on throughout my life. Sometimes my pain was debilitating. I researched and developed all these back pain treatments in order to deal with my own pain. In order to get rid of the pain caused by my injuries - by my prior impetuous and reckless stupidity - I have gathered and developed these effective treasures that I now share with you.

Why should you believe I can help you?

Read What My Employer, The Founder of the Baxamed Medical Center for Youth Restoration Said of Me...

"We Sent All Our Impossible Patients To Him"...

"Dr. Robert Frost worked in my Baxamed medical practice in Basel, Switzerland for five years. During that time, I and my team of medical doctors sent all our "impossible" patients to him.

Amazingly, more than half of these cases, ones that the doctors had given up on, were very significantly improved after seeing Robert.

The most common complaint of our patients was and is back pain. Many of our back pain patients received all the types of medical interventions and physiotherapy available and were still suffering. Some were already scheduled for surgery when they went to Robert.

Most all of our back pain patients had less pain, even after a single session with Robert. Many were able to become completely pain-free with Robert's help.

Robert gave his patients "homework" – techniques they could apply to themselves. Those who used these techniques found that they could reduce or even eliminate their own back pain the minute it began.

Quite a few Swiss citizens were able to cancel their scheduled back surgeries because of Robert's fine work.

I included this fact in my request to the Basel Health Department for Robert's full-time working permission which he did receive.

His work became so well-respected here that in 2000, he was granted Swiss citizenship.

Dr. Frost's self-help for back pain techniques are easy to perform and amazingly effective. I recommend his work to you wholeheartedly."

Sam-Baxas-M D  png

Dr. Sam Baxas M.D.
Baxamed Medical Center for Youth Restoration in Basel, Switzerland

What Do You Get in this Correct the Causes package?

  • The Back Pain Papers: 32 pages of illustrated back pain relief methods
  • ​​Detox: Getting toxins out of your body - Reduce the bad
  • ​​Hydration, Nutrition and Remedies​: Increase the good you take in
  • ​​Reduce Inflammation: Reduce physical suffering - whatever the cause
  • ​Rehabilitation: How to safely begin to exercise after injury or inactivity
  • ​​Bed Warm-Ups: Safe stretches and exercises to do in bed
  • Recuperation: Reduce the time it takes to recover and heal
  • ​​Strong Joints: Strengthening your ligaments and tendons
  • Stretching: Why, how and when to stretch safely
  • Position of Creative Rest: Align your spine and relax at the same time
  • Optimal Posture: Get your head up on top of your spine
  • Optimal Work Station: How to arrange your computer set up, sit or stand and work with good posture and use
  • Oriental Dance: Practicing the basic undulating movements of this dance form were key to me overcoming my one back pain issues.
  • ​​Movement and Exercise: Improving your use of your body and the strength of your muscles
  • Exercise Equipment: How to safely use a medicine ball, doorway pull-up bar, hand parallel bars, exercise bands, and weights
  • ​Freeing the Sacroiliac: A simple method that can eliminate sacroiliac pain
  • ​Piriformis Syndrome: How I solved this decades-long painful problem
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain: How to stop this "hit by lightning" kind of pain
  • ​Other Back Problems: Release tension and pains in the mid-back, upper back, and shoulders
  • Train a Helper: How to show someone else what to do to help you when you can't do the needed correction yourself
  • Reactive Muscles: An advanced 2-person technique for reducing the tension in problem muscles
  • Multimedia Materials: Stories, Illustrations, Videos, References
  • Step-by-Step Video Instructions: Progressive training to teach you exactly what to do
  • ​Live Trainings: Ask questions. Get personal help. See how to do all this.

What is in the Back Pain Papers Book?

BackPainPapersCover3 jpg

The Back Pain Papers is a compilation of the background science about why we get back pain plus effective techniques to eliminate back pain.

One of the main principles discussed in the Back Pain Papers is how our modern lifestyle includes way too much sitting!

According to James Lavine, a professor of medicine at the Mayo clinic, "Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV, and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death."

As a result of sitting too much, most of us have weak core muscles and lousy posture. We not only sit too much, we sit with terrible posture.

325300418_5401140379990724_1696549428789429203_n jpg

We know we need exercise, but there is a big problem: Exercising muscles that are not turned on (in fine motor control), can cause even more pain and problems.

The 1-Page technique you received turns on the ab muscles. But turning them on is not enough. They also need to be stronger!

However, the most popular abdominal exercises - sit-ups and crunches - place great stress on the low back. These exercises can actually make your pain worse!

SitUpPain png

We know we need exercise, but there is a big problem: Exercising muscles that are not turned on (in fine motor control), can cause even more pain and problems.

The 1-Page technique you received turns on the ab muscles. But turning them on is not enough. They also need to be stronger!

However, the most popular abdominal exercises - sit-ups and crunches - place great stress on the low back. These exercises can actually make your pain worse!

The Back Pain Papers show you how to safely exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles in fast and easy ways.

Psoas png
Iliacus png



PiriformisFront png
Pirifformis png
PiriformisBack png

There are also several other important core muscles that need turning on and exercising. These include the Psoas, Iliacus, and Piriformis muscles. The Back Pain Papers show how to turn on and exercise these muscles, too... in the right way.

These methods eliminated most of my back pains - except for my sacroiliac problems, piriformis pain, and sciatic nerve pain. Since publishing the Back Pain Papers, I have discovered how to get rid of these types of pain, too. I share these and more in my complete program: Correct the Causes (of Back Pain).

If you use what is taught in the Back Pain Papers, you will obtain great lasting relief from many types of back pain. This may be enough for you. For a more holistic approach that includes reducing systemic inflammation, rehabilitation from injury, and many other factors that influence back pain, check out the whole program: Correct the Causes.

In the Back Pain Papers, there is also a section on back pain and pregnancy. I used this technique during the 36 hours of labor when my daughter was born. Her mother said when I did this with her, she had 90% less pain during labor contractions! This is a boon for pregnant mothers-to-be.

What Else is in Correct the Causes?

Detoxification is vital for healing the body and getting rid of pain. Methods of detoxification are explained in a do-it-yourself manner.

Adequate hydration is vital. Lack of water increases muscular pain. But neither flavored drinks nor gulping down a large amount of water will bring the hydration we need. How to hydrate is explained in detail.

Nutrients jpg

Correct the Causes reveals specific nutrients and remedies that can improve health and reduce pain.

Inflammation is the first step of the healing process. It is necessary and vital... but should not continue for more than a few days. What we are seeing more and more today in the all-popular degenerative diseases is "runaway inflammation" - inflammation that doesn't stop. Correct the Causes teaches how to bring inflammation under control. We will attend to this first. This will reduce your pain and reduce the amount of suffering you experience when exercising or when ill. 

After injury or inactivity, rehabilitation is needed. It is very easy to re-injure healing tissues. And after long periods of inactivity, it is far too easy to overdo any exercise and hurt yourself. Correct the Causes teaches how to get back into activity without hurting yourself.

Where do we start? With bed warm-ups! You are supposed to warm up your muscles before stretching or exercising. Well, when you are in bed in the morning, you are already quite warm. Correct the Causes includes training in stretches and exercises you can do in bed before getting up: This is a lazy man's way to get some exercise and get rid of back pain.

These movement trainings start out very easy and become more challenging each week. It is necessary to slowly increase your range of motion and build up the strength of your tendons, ligaments, joint capsules before more strenuous movements are attempted. This takes time! Even the in bed warm ups start out very gently and become more challenging with each weekly lesson.

After illness or injury, time and energy must be dedicated to recuperation. Recuperation is the time it takes to recover from exercise or illness. Reducing the time it takes to recuperate is one of the best ways to be really healthy. ​Correct the Causes shares the latest scientific knowledge concerning how to reduce recuperation time.

LigamentStrength jpg

Correct the Causes teaches how to safely and progressively strengthen your joints - your ligaments and tendons - so you can return to strong exercise safely. Why is this vital?

A physiotherapist told me, "Men over 40 who return to exercise need a trainer or they will injure themselves." If you have ever exercised in your life, but have not done so for quite some time, you are probably still strong enough to hurt yourself.

A 60-year-old neighbor went out in his back yard to pull weeds. There were sagebrush plants with deep strong tap roots. With great effort, he pulled those weeds out - and herniated all 5 of his lumbar vertebral discs!

I have injured myself in this way. Before my ligaments were strong enough, I tried to do as many dips as possible. While doing them very fast, I heard a loud "pop" and felt burning pain where my collar bone meets my sternum. My left sternal-clavicular joint partially dislocated and still sticks out to this day. The Correct the Causes program teaches you how to avoid these kind of problems.

AT1 jpg
ATCreativeRest jpg
AT3 jpg

Alexander Technique teaches the "position of constructive or active rest" which is taught in Correct the Causes. In this modified lying down position, the spine is lengthened and aligned, which improves your posture and greatly reduces back pain.

Alexander Technique also teaches optimal posture and movement of the body. Today, most everyone is hunched forward and down over their devices. Correct the Causes uses teaches how to get your head up on top of your spine and upright yourself.

Computer_Workstation png
images-3 jpg

Most everyone works and plays in front of a computer. Correct the Causes teaches how to arrange your computer work space, and how to sit or stand there with good posture and use.

oriental-dance-mystical-beauty jpg

Making circular and wavy movements with the hips, back, shoulders and arms can swiftly realign vertebrae and relieve back pain. Correct the Causes includes these types of movement from Oriental dance - for the simple reason that they helped me to resolve many stubborn back pain issues.

Ball jpg
Plank jpg

After this preliminary work, you will be ready for exercises to strengthen your muscles. Correct the Causes teaches how to safely use simple home exercise equipment including a big medicine ball, a doorway pull-up bar, hand parallel bars, exercise bands, and weights to reduce back pain, increase your strength, and improve your health in general.

"Oh, my sacroiliac!" The hip bones (the ilia) can get jammed where they hinge with the sacrum. This stiffness on one side forces the other side to become hypermobile. Pain is felt on the hypermobile side but the problem is usually on the other stiff side. Correct the Causes shares a simple methods to free the blocked sacroiliac

I had horrible, extremely painful piriformis syndrome for years. My piriformis muscle would cramp up so hard that massage therapists said it was like a rock. They were unable to get it to release. When I stretched in bed, my left piriformis muscle would begin to cramp. Unless I got up immediately and began to walk, the cramping would increase until it was unbearable. I even got questioned by the local police for walking the streets at 4:30 in the morning. I now have no piriformis pain at all. Correct the Causes shares how I successfully got rid of all piriformis tightness and pain... and how you can too.

Piriformis+Sciatic png

The sciatic nerve branches off from the spine and passes under the piriformis muscle - between it and the hip bone. When tightness in the piriformis pinches the sciatic nerve, a shooting pain down the leg is felt. Sciatic nerve pain can be so intense that when it happens, it feels like being hit by lightning. Retraining my piriformis eliminated my sciatic nerve pain. Correct the Causes explains how you can do this too.

The 1-page Banish Your Low Back Pain method is easy to do for yourself. Other areas of the back are harder to reach and may require help from someone else. Correct the Causes includes methods to release tension and improve the function of muscles, and relieve your mid-back, upper back, and shoulder pain.

Reactive-PinchingRhomboids png

Sometimes, you just cannot reach around behind your back or put both hands on a muscle that needs your touch. Correct the Causes shows you how to train a helper - to teach someone else how to help you do the corrections you may not be able to perform yourself.

ReactiveAbdominals png

Correct the Causes also includes the reactive muscle technique. Reactive muscles involve a muscle with has chronic elevated tone that results in its opponents being undertoned and weak in function. This is a rather complex advanced 2-person technique that effectively resets muscle tone to optimal levels. This reduces pain, improves coordination, and increases the range of motion... often dramatically. I have seen people who were crippled with pain and unable to move much becoming free from pain and able to live a good life again after reactive muscle balancing.

This is not a package that you receive in one go. Why not? For the simple reason that most such purchases are ignored or not fully utilized.

You will receive the Back Pain Papers immediately. That booklet includes much for those who want to try out many useful techniques and see what works. But the ongoing training is the key to the real progress you will obtain through this program.

Correct the Causes teaches you through stories, illustrations, videos, and reference materials. There are weekly video trainings that will be recorded and available to you.

There is a private Facebook group for all members of Correct the Causes. 

There are also Live Trainings via Zoom teleconferencing and Facebook live videos. Members can ask and get answers to their personal questions. You will be able to ask about your personal issues and get help.

This alone is worth far more than the whole price for everything!

Demonstrating the Correct the Causes methods in such live meetings will clear up any questions you may have about how to perform all you learn in Correct the Causes.

What Does the Correct the Causes Program Cost?

One hour with a good therapist can easily cost $100 or more.

The Back Pain Papers alone could easily sell for $97. There is no filler and fluff here. The Back Pain Papers includes a wealth of tried and proven methods to successfully reduce back pain... and save you from having to go to a therapist.

I have spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning, testing, and developing the methods taught in Correct the Causes. I know they work because they have worked for me and for thousands of the people I have helped to be free of back pain.

The Correct the Causes program is now starting. Later, when there are more members, I won't have as much time to personally attend to each of your issues in our live Zoom sessions. But I do have time and will give more personal assistance now. Join early and take advantage of this initial offering. I promise that you will get rid of your pain - or your money back! 

Later, I will certainly charge more - more in line with all I am offering. I may be crazy, but now for the grand opening the first 20 members to sign up will get this insanely low price. I'm rewarding my early birds. Join now and pay less.

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